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UK Safe Deposit Terms & Conditions:
THIS AGREEMENT is made BETWEEN UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd. (referred to in this AGREEMENT
as “us” and “we”) the operators of UK Safe Deposit Lockers Ltd. of 37 King Street (off Havelock
Road) Southall Middlesex UB2 4DQ (“the premises”) and the individual, or Organisation (that
is a corporation or other organization recognised in law) referred in the schedule and referred
to in this Agreement as “you”.
1. Upon payment by you of the agreed licence fee and key deposit we will allow you for a period of 6
months or 12 months and continuing thereafter for further periods of six months or twelve
months until ended by notice from you to us or by us to you the exclusive and determinable
licence to use the airspace within the safe deposit locker.
2. The Registered User as the Main Applicant will be personally responsible for his/ her locker and
for paying all the fees contained in this Licence Agreement. The Registered User may appoint
extra persons to be Nominee/s. We will not enter into an Agreement with an Organization
unless it appoints by notification given to us in writing between 1 and 3 individuals to be
Nominee/s. We will not be required to make any enquiry into the authenticity of any such
authority. All Nominee/s agree to all the terms of this Agreement and you will be responsible to
us for any breach of the Agreement by them. A management fee may be payable, for every
appointment and every removal of a Nominee together with a fee for a photo identification
card. The fee for the Identity Card for the Account Holder and 1 st Nominee £20 and for the 2 nd
Nominee £20. All Nominee/s will agree to this Agreement and all parties shall be jointly and
severally liable to the obligations set out in this Agreement.
3. If written notice advising of terminating the Agreement is not received at least one month prior to
the expiry of the Agreement the Agreement will automatically be renewed on the basis of your
previous Agreement. The annual rental fee will become due and payable on the renewal date.
No refund will be given in the event of subsequent termination.
4. We will make available to you and every Nominee/s two keys for the safe deposit locker in
addition to photo identity card. You must ensure that the keys and photo identification card
remain in your possession and do not come into the possession of any other individual other
than yourself and the Nominee/s. You agree not to make any replacement of the keys or the
photo identification card and those items will always remain our property at all times. You must
keep secret and not disclose your individual Personal Identity Number (“PIN”) to any person and
agree to keep any note of it made in such a way as not to be identifiable as a reference to you’re
your safety deposit Locker.

5. We will not under any circumstances keep hold of a spare key or keys or any other means of
gaining admission to your safe deposit Locker. Although we retain the right to drill out the lock in
circumstances described in this Agreement.
6. Whilst this Agreement is in force you will retain full and exclusive possession of the contents of
the safe deposit locker and we shall not be considered responsible for the contents and shall not
be deemed to have any actual implied or constructive knowledge of the contents of the locker.
7. Access to the premises vault and safe deposit lockers will be made available to you and your
Nominee/s (but not to any other party either with or without your consent, except where
required by the law) as per regulations and security procedures as determined by us and as
displayed on the access vault door.
8. We reserve the right to refuse you access to the vault if any licence fee or other moneys under
this Agreement, remain unpaid by you. In case of lost or stolen or damaged Access card we will
re issue a new card by charging amount of £20 for each card.
9. Admission to the vault is only permissible to those who have a valid photo identification card. Any
person under the age of eighteen or any third parties will not be allowed entry.
10. All items stored in the safe deposit locker must only be held in the inner box found in the locker.
Inner boxes can only be opened in the cabins located in the vault.
11. After you have accessed the safe deposit locker you are responsible for relocking the locker.
12. We will not be accountable for the behaviour of any third party within the vault or our premises.
13. We reserve the right to change the opening hours without giving you notice, but we will inform
you of such variation to the opening hours.
14. The annual fee will be calculated from the first day of January, first day of April the first day of
July and the first day of October each year. Where the commencement date of the Agreement is
within the first six weeks, each quarter payment will be calculated from the first day of that
quarter, after deducting the days in that quarter to the commencement date which have already
passed. If the payment is made in the last six weeks, each quarter payment will be calculated
from the next quarter date, in addition to the licence fee pro rata for the days from the
commencement date to the next quarter. If no written termination letter is received you agree
to pay the licence fee for the renewal on or before the renewal date. In default of payment the
licence fee will continue to be due together with the late payment fee and any other penalties.
15. We reserve the right to amend the Licence fee, from time to time. The Company will write to you
giving you at least one months notice prior to the renewal date.
16. Either party may terminate this Agreement without providing any explanation to the other party
by giving at least four weeks written notice of that party’s intention to do so. Upon termination
the conditions set out in this Agreement shall apply on expiry of the notice given.
17, Should we decide to terminate the licence prior to the expiry period of the licence we will refund
to you pro rata the balance of the licence fee for the unexpired period.
18. If you terminate the Agreement prior to the expiry date we will not refund any of the licence fees
to you.
19. Once the Agreement has been terminated you agree to remove without delay all items from the
safe deposit locker and return to us the two lockers keys, all Identification Cards or any other
means of identification provided by us to you and your Nominee/s. On receipt we will refund the
deposit by cheque within thirty days in favour of the Licensee. If during the duration of the
Agreement period if one key is lost you can get the lock changed by paying £100. If both the key
are lost we need to call an engineer in such a case you will have to bear the cost of the engineer
which will amount to £300. If the Identification cards are lost, you will be charged amount of £20
for each card.
20. You agree to use the safe deposit locker to store only items that are legal for you to have and
which have been lawfully acquired. You are prohibited from placing any items in the safe deposit
locker which are unlawful to possess or that have not been lawfully acquired by you. Under no
circumstances are you to store any explosives, noxious, corrosive or dangerous substances or

goods or firearms or any other dangerous or illegal items. Should these conditions be breached
we reserve the right to terminate your Agreement immediately without giving you notice.
21. You agree to fully indemnify Us (which means you must fully compensate Us for) and pay Us for
all costs, charges, expenses, claims for damages that we incur or which are made against Us in
the event of any breach by You of this condition of this condition 2 in respect of any harm,
damage or loss that We or any of Our employees, agents, contractors, customers or visitors to
Our premises suffer
22. Once the Agreement is terminated if you not remove the contents of the safe deposit locker or
return the two locker keys and photographic identification or any other means of identification
given to you by us, we may at your cost open the safe deposit locker, by whatever means
available to us, in the presence of two members of Management as well the engineer and
remove the contents.
23. We will be entitled to sell any property removed from the safe deposit locker, as specified in the
above clause, without us having to ascertain the value of the property and we will retain the
proceeds less any outstanding licence fees charges and costs in a bank deposit account. We will
charge a Management fee for setting up and maintaining the account and may make a report
regarding these events to HM Revenue & Customs. We will be entitled to destroy these items if
the items appear to have no intrinsic value or to be worth less than £1000.00 and we shall not
be responsible to you for any consequences arising from their destruction.
24. If you die or become mentally incapable during the Term, your rights and commitments
regarding this Agreement will be determined by your personal representatives, or the
authorised representative of a Trust Corporation .They will however be denied access to the safe
deposit locker until a sealed Grant of Probate Letter of Administration, bearing the seal of the
Probate Registry in the jurisdiction of England and Wales and apply to become single or joint
Nominee/s and if a Trust Corporation by appointing an individual to become the Nominee jointly
with the Trust Corporation.

25. If you become bankrupt or being a non individual liquidation or dissolution or being an individual
become subject to an Order of the Court of Protection or a Confiscation Order or other Order of
the Court we may at our discretion give to an individual who produces such authority as we
reasonably accept access to the safe deposit locker for the purpose of removal of its contents,
subject to payment of all outstanding licence fees charges and miscellaneous costs so as to
release our lien on the contents of the safe deposit locker.
26. We will not be obliged to accept instructions from a lawyer acting in accordance with a power of
attorney including a Lasting Power of Attorney registered with the Public Guardian.
27. We have the right to modify the equipment and security procedures as we deem appropriate
and necessary and to alter the access regulations and security devices referred to in this
Agreement. This includes the safe deposit locker keys and photo identification cards and any
other means of identification referred to in this Agreement and to make a reasonable charge for
any new keys or identity devices issued to you in consequence.
28. You agree not to abuse our staff or property and not to cause any harm or damage to our
property or the property of other Users whilst on the premises. You agree to indemnify us

against any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly to us or to the other customers of the
premises arising from any violation of this clause.
29. We do not provide you with any insurance cover in respect of the contents of the safe deposit
locker and you acknowledge that you must make your own arrangements for taking out
adequate insurance for the contents of your safe deposit locker. Including, any items in transit
either within or outside of the vault or any part of the Premises against risk. We have no
knowledge of the value of the contents of your safe deposit locker and will not be deemed to
have such knowledge in consequence of any information which you give to us. We do not accept
any liability for any loss or alleged loss however caused whether by an Act of God, Terrorist act
or otherwise.
30. We will not be held accountable for any negligent or purposeful act or default of our servants or
agents which causes loss or damage to items in your safe deposit locker other than that resulting
from our wilful default.
31. If not withstanding the provisions of this Agreement it is proved that we have any liability to you
arising from the terms of this Agreement such liability will in any event be limited to the sum of
FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS (£500.00) shall be limited to claims of which written notice is given by
you to us within one week of such claim coming to your attention, such written notice
identifying precisely the matters in respect of which the claim is made together with details of
the monetary value of the loss suffered.
32. You consent that you have not entered into this Agreement in reliance upon any statements
representations warranty or undertaking by us our offices servants or agents which is not
expressly set out and contained in the provisions of this Agreement and you accept that the
provisions of this Agreement contain the sole and entire terms of the Agreement between us.
33. No servant or agent of ours has any authority to make or give any representation or warranty or
undertaking in relation to this Agreement other than those expressly set out and contained in
this Agreement.
34. Any notice required or permitted to be given under these conditions or in accordance with this
Agreement by you to us or by us to you shall be specified in writing by first class pre paid
addresses to you at your last known address and shall be deemed to be delivered two days after
posting. All instructions from you to us must be specified in writing and shall only be deemed to
have been accepted by us if acknowledged in writing. All correspondences by us to you will be
addressed only to you or the First Nominee.
35. If you have given us an inaccurate address or contact details or have failed to inform us of any
change of address and consequently we are unable to contact you and unable to communicate
details of renewals fees other charges or costs or you fail to pay rental or other charges in
advance whether demanded or not before the renewal date, then you unreservedly agree that
we may drill the safe deposit locker open and deal with the contents as prescribed with the
terms of this Agreement and you will remain responsible for the balance of any outstanding fees
charges or costs and will without delay pay the sums due.
36. If you are or become a non resident we will require you to provide notarised proof of your
residential address abroad.
37. We may decline access to the safe deposit locker at any time if there are renewal fees charges or
costs outstanding.
38. Any application for data disclosure will only be dealt with by our legal representative whose
costs must be paid by you in advance of the provision of the data requested or by a bankers
guarantee of a minimum sum of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS (£1,000.00) received by our legal
representative subsequent to the release of the data.
39. We shall have no obligation to retain or supply any data to you.
40. All reminder notices and other written communications will be charged to you at a nominal sum
being not less than £24.00.

41. You consent that you and every other Nominee/s or if an Organisation your Nominee’ will upon
entering this Agreement meet with our representative at our premises and will agree to us
taking and keeping for our records for so long as we shall require a photograph of you and each
Nominee showing full face without glasses or headgear below the hairline or forehead.
42. You consent that you and every other Nominee/s or if an Organisation your Registered
Nominee’/s will upon entering this Agreement agree to us taking and keeping for our records for
so long as we shall require particulars of your date of birth and occupation, a copy of a valid
Passport or Driving Licence, a utility bill (not mobile phone bill) or Council Tax bill or bank
statement confirming your existing address. These are not to be less than six months old.
43. You agree to pay a £100.00 as a refundable deposit for the two Lockers keys. The deposit will be
non refundable in the event that both keys are not returned on termination of this Agreement.
44. You agree to pay the licence fee in advance.
45. You and every Nominee will be issued with a magnetic photographic identity card and are
therefore required to register on our card reader and finger reader machine.
46. If you lose your safe deposit locker keys we will accept instructions to drill the lock from you or
any of your Nominee’s.
47. You will not involve us as a party to any disagreement which may arise between you and your
Nominee/s or any other third party. In the event that we are obliged by law to produce evidence
on behalf of yourself or any Nominee you agree to indemnify us against all costs and expenses
so arising in full in advance of us providing such evidence.
48. We may share your Data with, and obtain information about from credit reference agencies or
fraud prevention agencies or trade associations of which we are a member.
49. We will release Your Data and other account details at any time if We consider in Our sole
discretion that such release is appropriate:-
a) To comply with the law
b) To enforce this Agreement
c) For fraud prevention and credit risk reduction
d) For crime prevention or detection purposes
e) To protect the safety of any person at our premises or
f) If we consider the security of the safe deposit locker or its contents, or other safe deposit lockers
at our premises or their contents may be put at risk
50. This Agreement and these conditions contained herein shall be interpreted and enforced in
accordance with English Law for which we and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
English Courts.
51. You agree and confirm to us that you have read the terms of this Agreement are aware of the
contents and agree to accept them in their entirety.